Massachusetts Poetry Festival Workshop – The first week of May 2014. Don’t miss it.

Enigma Workshop



In a culture where poetry seems to be heaving its last breaths, those breaths are short, wheezing perhaps: tweet or “jug jug.” Enter enigmas: short poems that make use of irony and compressed language to leave the reader involved in play. During the enigma workshop participants will practice writing short ironic poems with vivid imagery and a sense of playfulness: Twitter, no problem. Enigma workshop participants will be asked to embrace two ideas when writing. The first idea is Emerson’s suggestion that each line should be a poem. The second idea is Eliot’s notion that, “meaning [is] necessary to soothe the reader while the poem does its work.” With those two ideas we will have fun with language.


At the close of the workshop participants will have the opportunity to Tweet their enigmas, share them on Facebook, and pen them on cocktail or coffee shop napkins. Enigmas then could be left in dentists’ offices, on lunch tables, or as small thoughts to consider on commuter trains.


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