May 1, 2012

My book-length collection titled “Oops!” is unified around a theme of the fragmented self, a sort of response to Beckett’s “I shall not say it again, ever again, it’s too farcical. I shall put in its place, whenever I hear it, the third person, if I think of it” from The Unnamable. I use the theme to focus carefully crafted poems, as I have done with my two books Voyeur and The Apple in the Monkey Tree. However, I attempt to bring out the fragmentation via plumbing consciousness and the subconscious.

On an early version of this manuscript an editor “deeply appreciate[d] the craft, intelligence, and imagination on display in every page, as well as the often-stunning language and your consistent attentiveness to detail.” An earlier version was a 2011finalist in the Eudaimonia Poetry Review Chapbook Prize and later as a book manuscript was semi-finalist in such contests as Crab Orchard Series. The book’s audience is educated and reads poetry. I collaborate with a video artist to compose trailers for my books. Google will find them. I have a following on Facebook and Twitter reading my very short poems.